Simple. Fresh. Unique.

Mason Jar Drinks

Served in reusable mason jars, the price of our lemonade, includes the jar.  Continue to bring it back and we'll continue to re-fill it (at a discount!).

Crafted With Love

Drinks are crafted while you wait. Lemons are hand pressed and each drink is infused with delicious in-season fruit, flavourful purees and simple syrups. Nothing complicated. Simply pure joy.

Reducing Our Footprint

We love spinning around this planet and as a result, we want to do our part. We don't use plastic and we use reusable straws. We believe doing the little things quickly add up and we feel good about that.

Available For Your Event

Celebrating something? Want an added touch at your next event? Need a vintage trailer to complete your vibe? We are available for hire. Give us a call and let's talk about how we can help you out.

Summer is like a fresh glass of lemonade.
You want to drink it fast, 
but you want it to last forever.
Where we'll be
Come and find us.


Lemonade Pop Up


Holt Renfrew
Thursday, September 12
6:00 - 8:00 pm
The Core Calgary